Trackday Championship heads to Wales!

Trackday Championship heads to Wales!

24 May 2022

Anglesey. June Bank Holiday. Trackday Trophy takes on Wales!

The visit to Anglesey marks a return for MSVT Racing to the Welsh circuit after a ten year absence and, following an electrifying second round at Cadwell Park and the bumper-grid that descended upon the Lincolnshire Wolds circuit, anticipation levels amongst drivers and the wider paddock couldn’t be higher.

With its stunning location on the west coast of Anglesey, overlooking the Irish Sea and Snowdonia mountain range, the circuit is sure to stun all those in attendance – particularly first timers! It will provide the perfect backdrop for drivers to test themselves, and their machinery, to the very limits.

On track, there will be a number of distinctive challenges for drivers to contend with. Trackday Trophy will be using the picturesque Coastal Circuit, which spans 1.55miles and includes the extremely popular ‘Corkscrew’. Competitors will push their cars to the limits after they exit the 10% banked turn three, accelerating up through Church and School and into the tricky, winding Rocket and Peel. After exiting Peel, it’s time for competitors to descend through ‘Corkscrew’ and complete the lap. The circuit will provide a tough task and every driver will need to ensure they perform at their best if they wish to be the ones taking the top step in Wales.

The lap record for the Coastal Circuit currently stands at 1:01:741, set by Sylvester Mullins in 2009.

You can relieve all the excitement of Trackday Trophy’s last round at Cadwell Park, here.