Trackday Trophy - About

Trackday Trophy - About

Trackday Trophy is a series designed for production and production-based saloon, hatchback and sports cars - with an emphasis on having fun.

MSVT’s aim was to create a series that was enjoyable for all concerned, so at the end of the 2009 season the Trackday Trophy (TDT) was launched. The series has a feel-good atmosphere and this has filtered down through the teams that have got involved since its inception.

This may be racing but, the environment in the paddock is all about having a good time, with teams helping each other out where they can to ensure (as much as possible) that all the cars make it to the grid.

Historically, TDT regulations have required at least one of the possible two drivers per team to be a novice (with fewer than six previous races), but following a revision of the rules this is no longer the case! This exciting change now means that all of our new drivers and teams can share the knowledge and experience of the existing crop of TDT racers.


Each event consists of a 25-minute qualifying session followed by a 45-minute race, with qualifying and the race taking place on the same day to reduce overnight costs.

The races are designed with a mandatory pit stop to facilitate teams of two drivers. This allows the cost of running the car to be shared - together with the excitement! Solo entries are also accepted.


Cars will run in classes based on power to weight ratio of the vehicle. The class structure will be as follows but may be subject to change depending on entries.

Class B: 151 – 175 bhp/tonne

Class C: 126 – 150 bhp/tonne

Class D: Up to 125 bhp/tonne

Guest/Invitation Class: Any other production and production-based saloon, hatchback and sports car that we have given permission to join the championship or single event.