Competitors Guide to Motorsport UK Scrutineering Requirements

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  • Competitors Guide to Motorsport UK Scrutineering Requirements

Competitors Guide to Motorsport UK Scrutineering Requirements

Listed below are some of the points you, the competitor, must address when preparing a car for racing. They are a guide only and do not form a complete list of the Motorsport UK regulations.

Roll cage - the roll cage must be constructed to the exact details found in the Motorsport UK Yearbook. Padding should also be fitted in any area where the driver’s head may come in contact with the cage. The protection will only be approved by scrutineers if the car attachment areas are also of sound construction

If you have already fitted a roll cage which does not conform with the Motorsport UK Yearbook then it can be certified by Motorsport UK as suitable for equivalent resistance to the Motorsport UK defined loadings.

Sunroofs - if your car has a sunroof then this will need to be removed and replaced with a steel plate that is welded onto the roof.

Cut-off switch - an external electrical cut-off switch must be fitted to the vehicle. The switch must be clearly marked and stop ALL electrical circuits when operated (this includes the alternator).

Fire extinguishers - a plumbed-in system is required. For the size and type required in your vehicle, see the Motorsport UK Yearbook.

Seats - we recommend that drivers use an approved race seat which offers additional safety advantages such as full head support, as well as providing additional support for the driver throughout the race.

Seatbelts - a minimum of a four-point harness is required. It is also worth noting that most FIA-approved harnesses have an expiry date.

Lighting - all cars are required to carry brake and rear lights. In addition, high intensity (fog) rear lights must be fitted to both sides of the car or one central light. This means that if your car has one fog light at the rear as standard, you will need to fit one in the middle of the car (normally in the back window).

Chassis - you must ensure that all holes leading from engine bay and boot are filled to prevent the passage of flame or liquids into the driver's compartment.

Braking systems - dual circuit brakes or single system with a working handbrake are required.

Tyres - tyres must come from list 1a or 1b in the Motorsport UK Yearbook.

Fuel - only 'pump fuel' is permitted. Octane boosters may not be used.

Towing eyes - all vehicles must be fitted with a towing eye at front and rear.

Silencing - all cars must be within Motorsport UK limits for noise, which is currently 105d(b)A.

Oil leaks - any oil leaks or a defective oil system which fails to control oil from the engine breather may result in rejection.

For comprehensive information on the specific requirements for car racing, please read the General Competitors Safety and Race Cars section of the Motorsport UK Competitors Year Book (Blue Book).

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