Going Racing - Lets get Started

Since its debut in 2010, the popular Trackday Trophy (TDT) Series has firmly established itself as the best place for enthusiastic track day drivers and novice racing drivers to start their racing career!

  • Going Racing - Lets get Started

Going Racing - Lets get Started

Racing is arguably the most exciting hobby you can pursue - and with around 30,000 competition licence holders in the UK, you're in good company!

You don't need a blank cheque to get started. Trackday Trophy offers superb competition, on a range of the UK's most-loved circuits, with a range of classes to choose from.

As MotorSport Vision's in-house track day department and Trackday Trophy series organisers, MSV Trackdays (MSVT) can provide you with everything you need to get onto the grid. We can help you each step of the way - from your first track day right up to going racing. This can also include developing your track driving and racing skills with our driver training packages before you sit your ARDS (the Association of Racing Drivers Schools) test to obtain a race licence.

The steps you need to take to get a licence and then go racing are outlined below:

Step 1: Track Days

MSVT offer novice only, road car only or general track days - drive your own car on circuit and get a feel for the exciting journey ahead

Step 2: Driver Training

Driver coaching - Learn from MSVT's highly experienced current and ex-racer ARDS instructors. The quickest route to drive faster!

Step 3: Go Racing Pack and ARDS Licence Test

Purchase a Go Racing Pack. This contains the initial rules of racing, useful info and your race license application form.  Once you have this you can book your ARDS licence test.

Your ARDS test day will involve a number of stages, to prepare and assess you for racing

  • Briefing: You will be welcomed and the day's format will be explained. You may also receive some advice about your first race meeting
  • DVD: As mentioned above, the DVD in your Go Racing pack is key to your ARDS test success, so the instructors will likely run through this with you again on the day
  • Written test: You will sit a 30-minute written test under classroom conditions. The test covers your knowledge of Section Q (Circuit Racing) of the Motorsport UK Yearbook, plus your understanding of the flag signals used on circuit. You will need to score 100% on that section to pass.
  • On-track test: On circuit with an examiner in the passenger seat, your ability to safely lap the circuit and your use of the racing line will be assessed. You don't need to set a lap record; competence is key!
  • Debrief: Providing you have passed, your examiner will stamp and sign your licence application form, which you must then return to Motorsport UK to receive your licence.

Step 4: Safety Equipment

You will need to purchase some essential safety equipment before you join the grid - as a minimum this could include fireproof overalls, gloves, boots and crash helmet, and it is your responsibility to ensure these all meet the required safety standards. If they don't pass scrutineering, you won't be racing after all! From January 2016, all competitors are required to use a Frontal Head Restraint (like a HANS device).

From top of the range made-to-measure race suites to off the peg options, Alex Reade has race wear for every budget.

Step 5: Prepare or Hire a car

Obviously you will need a car to take part, but if you don't want to buy one there are race cars out there for hire!

All cars must comply with Motorsport UK scrutineering requirements. Most cars are eligible for the Trackday Trophy, but if you are unsure of your car’s suitability, please feel free to contact us at trackdaytrophy@msv.com and we will consider your entry.

You can find a guide of what scrutineering entails here: Guide to Motosport UK scrutineering requirements but for more comprehensive information on the specific requirements for car racing, please read the General Competitors Safety and Race Cars section of the Motorsport UK Competitors Year Book (blue book).

Step 6: Testing

Test days offer a unique opportunity to push your car to the limit while being able to time the results. All cars on circuit must meet the minimum Motorsport UK regulations and all drivers must hold current Motorsport UK licences, which must be presented on the day.

Step 7: Race

Trackday Trophy is well established as the most popular place to start your racing career, with regulations and a race format that are simple and designed to keep costs down. MSVT gives plenty of support and a great atmosphere at every stage of your racing journey.

You can register for the series by clicking here.

Be prepared for your first race event with our First Race Guide

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