The Series

Trackday Trophy is a series designed for production and production based Saloon, Hatchback and Sports cars.

We wanted to make a series that was fun and enjoyable for all concerned. so at the end of the 2009 season MSVT created the Trackday Trophy. The series focuses on having fun and this has filtered down through the teams that have already entered.

This may be racing but, the atmosphere in the paddock is all about having a good time, with teams helping each other out where they can to ensure (as much as possible) that all the cars make it to the grid.

Historically the TDT regulations have required at least one of the possible two drivers per team to be a novice (with less than six previous races) but following a major shakeup or the 2016 season this is no longer the case! This exciting change now means that all of our new drivers and teams will be able to share in the knowledge of the existing crop of experienced TDT racers.

2016 also welcomes the debut of two new classes to accompany the already popular class structure:

  • Trackday Trophy Hot Hatch caters for production and production based hatchbacks, up to a maximum of 175bhp/ton. The aim, to offer owners of eligible hatchbacks the perfect platform to compete with cars of a similar ‘spec’ over longer 45 minute race.
  • Novice Open Class twins the retention of a novice driver requirement (meaning at least one driver will have to have competed less than six races), with a wider and more accessible ‘open’ class (for all vehicles up to a maximum of 175bhp/ton) giving novice teams the perfect platform to enter the world of competitive motorsport.


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All entries must comply with the series regulations.

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